Parker Henderson

Designer. Engineer. Tinkerer. Thinker.

👋 Welcome

Hi, I'm Parker, a coffee enthusiast, product designer, programmer, avid reader, and tweeter. I'm currently leading design and product at Pallet where we're building hiring infrastructure for creators and communities. Previously, I worked at Canvas, Red Bull and some startups, most of which you've probably never heard about.


Systems design

Everything we build is a system itself or embedded in a larger one. The ability to understand how all the pieces fit together is critical when designing.

Interaction & visual design

From prototyping new interactions to designing into type and color systems, I enjoy diving into the details to create novel and expressive interfaces.

Software engineering

I believe code is a powerful design tool and use my experience as a designer and engineer to establish systems, tools, and processes across our teams.


Inclusive and diverse teams

When we intentionally seek diversity in our teams and ensure everyone has a voice in the decisions affecting our work, we produce better results.


As designers, we're responsible for creating products and experiences accessible to everyone, not just a customer persona or the majority.


I believe in building a culture that concentrates on championing the growth of individuals and teams to learn new things and grow from both success and failure.

Work experience


2021 - Current

Building recruiting infrastructure for creators, communities, and crypto.


2020 - 2021

Canvas (f.k.a Jumpstart) is a shared talent marketplace that uses diversity data to help recruiters make more informed hiring decisions and give candidates equal employment opportunities within their preferred industry. I focus on integrations for our recruiter product and our design system.

Red Bull Media House

2019 - 2020

Red Bull TV brings an inside look into the World of Red Bull straight to your living room and mobile device. Working on a team of three product designers, I previously lead design efforts on Red Bull’s mobile and immersive products across iOS, Android, Oculus, and more.

Talk to You Live

2018 - 2019

TTYL is a voice-first communication app that looked to bring spontaneous and lightweight conversations to your life through technology. I lead design and product through the public launch of our first product.

Various places

2016 - 2019

While finishing school, I spent a few years working with various early-stage companies like ZebraIQ and PlayVS across different design and engineering-focused roles.